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Jenny was lying on her stomach with headphones in her ears, her glass was empty again. I'll make him get up tonight, I shouted, but the alcohol and the sun made her sleepy. I climbed into my Mercedes and pulled away. What is it that got into naked traveller wife.

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The hangar was filled with a loud naked traveller of women - the cold water burned hot bodies, muscle contraction. The women somehow washed off the sweat from their bodies and began rubbing themselves red-hot with gray pieces of cloth instead of towels, after which. They were again lined up in naked traveller column in the courtyard. The exhausted and hungry women were brought back to the stable, where they were placed in their closets. In the stalls this time were the familiar vessels with food, suspended on clamps screwed to the wall with self-tapping screws. Irina clasped her hands behind her back and sat on the floor, attaching a collar loop to one of the metal rings in the wall. The medic who helped the redbeard set her capsule in the morning came in and gagged her with a feeding tube.

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