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Legacy Land & Timber is a company of professional foresters dedicated to helping landowners achieve responsible and sustainable timber management. We use sound scientific methods and proven implementation techniques to maintain healthy ecosystems while providing the best possible return on your land investment.

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What You Should Know About Legacy And Timber

There are certain companies in the world that are responsible for timber management. They are also going to participate in the procurement of timber for sale. Sustainable timber management requires a substantial amount of expertise. Here are just a few of the many things that the company Legacy Land & Timber is able to do.

If you live in an area where there are a sizable number of forests. You have probably seen logging trucks going in and out of these areas. They are harvesting timber, usually by means of extracting trees that have been marked. Others will do a clear cut that will remove most of the trees that are in a specific area.

Clearcutting (Clear Cut) San Jacinto County

The process of doing clearcutting is much easier than you would imagine. Large pieces of equipment are brought into these areas where the trees can be extracted. This typically involves the use of fallers. These are individuals that will manually cut down the trees with a chainsaw. There are also machines that are capable of cutting the timber automatically, and once they are done, the trees will be processed so they can be sold.

Logger San Jacinto County

A logger, also called a faller, is an individual that is responsible for cutting down trees. They are also going to remove branches from the trees that are going to be harvested. This is so they can fit into the logging trucks that are used to bring them down off the mountain to the lumber mill. An assortment of other types of equipment are used in conjunction with the loggers which includes skidders, swing machines, and knuckle boom loaders.

Stump Grinding San Jacinto County

Once you have removed all of the trees, as well as the branches, you are also going to have stumps that are left behind. Professional machines are brought in which will literally shred the stump all the way to the ground. This is sometimes required when you are negotiating with those that are selling and buying timber. This is often included in what are called the logging debris cleanup operations so as to return the forests to something that is much more presentable.

Logging Debris Cleanup San Jacinto County

The cleanup process can often be just as extensive as when you are harvesting timber at a particular location. For example, when you are harvesting trees in the forest, a large area will be created where a landing will hold all of the trees that are cut down. This is where equipment will be brought in to load the logging trucks. Once this process is over, the logging debris cleanup process will begin. This will include the removal of branches, bark, and even the sawdust that is on the ground. In most cases, it cannot be burnt and will need to be extracted for further processing.

Mulching San Jacinto County

One final thing to mention is the process of mulching. This is where the debris that remains from the timber harvesting process is piled up so that it can begin to decompose. This is a common practice that is used by people that are doing organic gardening. Additional logging equipment will be brought into remove limbs, treetops, and even the stumps that were left behind so that all of this can be piled up to begin the mulching process. This is done to help prevent or at least control erosion, and can also be beneficial for restoring the topsoil. If done properly, you may never know that a major harvest has actually occurred as they will return the forest to a much more pristine condition.