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Legacy Land & Timber is a company of professional foresters dedicated to helping landowners achieve responsible and sustainable timber management. We use sound scientific methods and proven implementation techniques to maintain healthy ecosystems while providing the best possible return on your land investment.


Land Clearing Company and Service in Ratcliff TX

What You Ought To Know About Legacy And Timber

If you are currently in Ratcliff TX TX, you may have several jobs that will require a land and timber specialist. These businesses can be used for clearing large areas of land that will have large amounts of underbrush, shrubs, and bushes that need to be removed. In some cases, this is done to improve the quality of the soil. Other times, they may be hired to reduce the probability of fires spreading rapidly. Timber companies may also use these businesses to prepare landing sites for logging trees. Here is an overview of what these companies do and why you might want to consider working with Legacy Land And Timber.

If you work in the timber industry, you are likely aware of land clearing operations. This is a process by which a business will come into prepare the area for logging. It may have to do with putting in dirt roads, as well as landings for the trees. There needs to be plenty of room for all of the large equipment, as well as workers, that are going to be working in the area. This will require several types of heavy equipment including bulldozers, knuckle boom loaders, and Wheel Feller Bunchers to name a few. There will likely be backhoes, dump trucks, and it assortment of other pieces of equipment that are designed for this type of operation. The other reason that you may use land clearing companies is because of their eco-friendly approach to limit the amount of brush so as to improve the amount of nutrients that are available to trees and other plant life in the area.

Brush Clearing Ratcliff TX

This is similar to land clearing, yet it’s going to focus on removing brush. This can be one of the more difficult obstacles to overcome. There will be pathways in between trees, and trees can also be removed, but brush can be in high abundance, making it necessary to remove it so machinery can move through the area. This may also include tools for burning the brush. Controlled burns are common for these operations. This can be done in the woods, pastures, and fields. Whether your goal is to prepare this for logging, or to reduce the probability of erosion, you can take advantage of the many companies that offer this service.

Land Clearing Contractor Ratcliff TX

You will need to find a land clearing contractor to help you get this done. These are individuals that have set this up many times before. If you haven’t used one before, or if you are looking for a new professional to help you, you will likely receive recommendations from people that you know in the same industry. If you take the time to evaluate them online, and also look at the resumes, it will be clear which contractor you should hire for the job.

Underbrush Removal Ratcliff TX

The term underbrush typically refers to brush that is underneath the canopy of trees. This can represent not only bushes, but small trees and shrubs. All of these are going to be in the midst of the forest and will either be cut down or burned for removal. This can be a time-consuming process if the forest is quite dense. It’s also taken out as a result of maintaining the forced to prevent forest fires. To do this, you will have to find a company that does specialize in land clearing.

These professionals are capable of preparing not only the area underneath the canopy of the forest, but in the surrounding terrain. If you have an area that is excessively dense with brush, shrubs, and other types of plant life, you can remove this vegetative debris which will indirectly leave more nutrients for plants and trees in the area. Once you have found a couple businesses that are currently available, get estimates from each one to make your final choice.

These services are available all across the country. There are many businesses that do this for companies that do logging, and they can also be done for eco-friendly purposes. They will work with private and commercial landowners. This debris will either be burnt on site, or it will be removed for further processing. You may want to contact the company Legacy and Timber, located in Ratcliff TX Texas, if you are interested in using their brush control or land clearing services.